Live Wire Dance Studio

77 Renshaw Street, Liverpool

Beginners Contemporary 

Day: Monday


Teacher: Athina Matapa

For more information, please visit


Beginners Samba

Day: Tuesday 

Time: 7pm-8pm

Teacher: SugaGill/Viva Brasil



Day: Tuesday 

Time: 8pm-9pm

Teacher: Don't Give Up Company 

The word Cubaton is a word that combines Cuba and Reggaeton. A music style whereby Cubans have mixed Reggaeton with a number of different music styles influences with their own Cuban Rhythms and culture. The dance specifically focuses on the shaking of the 'culo' known as perreo. From Cuba to Liverpool, we are spreading the Cubaton fever. It's fun, it's sweaty and it will put a smile on your face and it's right here in Liverpool.


6 Week Burlesque Course

Day: Wednesday

Time: 6pm - 7pm and 7pm - 8pm

Teacher: Millie Dollar

Please message Millie for information on when the courses are starting and to book your place.

Beginners Free Jazz

Adults Beginners Commercial 

Day: Thursday 

Time: 7.30pm-8.30pm

Teacher: Yasmin


Day: Friday

Time: 5.30pm-7pm

 Teacher: Olga Maceiras